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Gili Trawangan Private Pool Villa – Find the Perks to Stay Here!

villa in gili trawangan private pool

Private, intimate and flexibility should be your benefits of gili trawangan private pool villa. Thus, going on a holiday to a tropical island and exploring the vibe of a tropical place might have been what you wanted before even finding a good place to stay.

But every holiday spot has different things you might want to do, like relaxing and getting away from all the busy tourist stuff.

So, what’s your move if that’s what you want?

Well, choosing the right place to stay is really important. For example, you need to choose a place near the beach–or another place for tourist entertainments, if you want to do many things.

But if you can choose a place in the middle of the island, where you can be part of the local scene and have some quiet that you can’t get near the beach, you should consider a different option.

Since you’re looking away from the hassle of tourist ambience, a private pool might be important to consider when looking for a place to stay.

Privacy, intimacy and flexibility!

peraone villas, 2023

Have your fun scrolling below and discover why you prefer searching for a private villa with a private pool rather than just finding a place to stay.

Dive into Delight: Gili Trawangan Private Pool Staycation

If you have the option to choose a place to stay and are considering having a private pool as one of the facilities, you might want to think about why our property sees a private pool as a key attraction, such as:

1. Stay in Gili, and Have Fun in Enjoyment Vibes of Holiday!

peraone villas, 2023

A private pool in gili trawangan villa can be a place to have fun with your partner, family, or friends.
This is because private pools have exclusive access that depends only on the room occupants who have checked in.

2. Intimate and Flexibility of Ways to Spend Your Holiday in Gili Trawangan Private Pool Accommodation

activities you can do in a accomodation with gili trawangan private pool

peraone villas, 2023

A private villa with its private pool gives you flexibility; you can use it anytime and as much as you want and offers you the privacy to relax and enjoy your vacation without any interruptions.

This should be comfortable in your private space too; as you will have a private pool ensures that the pool in your villa is cleaner and better maintained than public pools.


Above are the advantages of a private pool in a private villa that you can enjoy during your vacation, especially on a tropical island.

until here, have you found your stay as they offer you the Gili Trawangan private pool?


Is the Gili Trawangan Private Pool in the Villa restricted to specific guests?

gili trawangan private pool in a private villa gives you more great ambience!

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Certainly not. Here are the types of guests who have access to the private pool in a private villa:

A Piece in Beauty of Family Journey

A private pool can be a safe and comfortable place for children to swim. Parents do not need to worry about their children’s safety as they can closely look after them.

An Intimate Place for Honeymoon Couples

A private pool can be a romantic spot for honeymooning couples. They can enjoy quality time together without disturbances from others.

Create the Water-fun Time with a Group of Friends

A private pool can be a fun gathering place for friends. They can swim, play in the water, or simply relax by the poolside or the provided living room.

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What else you offer than Gili Trawangan Private Pool Accommodations?

A dedicated private butler is also at your service with just a phone call.

Imagine how lovely it is when you can just have a chill and relax time in your best gili trawangan villa! 

We also provide a private butler dedicated to serving all your needs in the private villa. This adds to the benefits of reserving at our place, Pera ONE Villas Gili Trawangan.

This means that they’re ready for you with just a phone call. They will be prepared to serve you within minutes if you have an urgent needs.

Ready to plan your stay for your holiday in Gili Trawangan?

Pera ONE Villas Dedicated Private Butler

peraone villas, 2023

Above are examples of the advantages of our private villa, which could be a consideration for your accommodation choice during your holiday in Gili Trawangan.

We don’t just offer a quiet ambience. We’re a private villa in the middle of the island, blending in with the local community. We have things for you to enjoy, making your holiday memorable.

If you find what you’re looking for, you can contact us through the details provided in our Google profile or our website: www.peraonevillas.com.

Check the availability of our rooms on your desired dates, and make a reservation through the website or by directly reaching out through the contact page.

Our reservation team will promptly contact you for the best offer price or simply tell you why we’re ready to host you on our property!

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