Ultimate Honeymoon in Gili Trawangan Guide

Located just northwest coast of Lombok, here lie the exotic Gili islands.

A beautiful remote island with green hills and white sandy beach surrounded with clear turquoise water and lagoons and rich marine life underneath which you probably won’t see anywhere else.

Beautiful Pera ONE Villas in Gili Trawangan
Beautiful sunset on Gili Trawangan Sunset Point

Among the triplets, Gili Trawangan gained popularity among couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon in a fancy yet romantic destination while also offers you a lively nightlife on the white sandy beach.

So let’s find the best thing to do when you having a honeymoon in Gili Trawangan, a picturesque destination that will ignite the love between you and your partner.


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Many came to Gili Trawangan for snorkelling because of its richness in coral and sea creatures.

You can try snorkelling around the beach and within the first hundred metres, you can even see some beautiful marine life such as corals, a shoal of colourful fish, and if you are really lucky, turtles.

You can rent snorkelling equipment for free from us, just tell us when you will go to snorkelling and we will prepare it for you.


Beautiful Pera ONE Villas in Gili Trawangan
Free bikes rent for Pera ONE Villas guests.

Cycling is fun as bike is the main transportation mode in Gili T. As you going around the island you can find many good spots for taking picture throughout the island.

Lots of couples love to do a circle when the sun started to go down as it’s cooler and the light was amazing. You can circle around the island roughly in 45 minutes. Never worry about renting the bikes because we provided it for free for you.

Romantic Dinner

Beautiful Pera ONE Villas in Gili Trawangan
Too lazy to leave villa? Try delicious menu from our restaurant

Despite being remote and far from the western world, the western delicacies in Gili Trawangan proven to be decent option.

Gili Trawangan has a lot to offer if you and your partner love seafood. Cycling along the main road in the evening, the smell of fresh prawns, squids, and fish on the grill would surely make your stomachs rumbles.

Many of our guests had great experience at sea-front restaurant called Scallywags. On top of their delicious signature seafood barbeques, they have salad bar that provides various dips and fresh and tasty vegetables. Good news, it’s unlimited.

Or you can try the seafood at the night market and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. If you love spicy food then the sambal here probably the best you can find in Gili Trawangan.

Feeling fancy? A private romantic dinner on the beach will be the perfect choice for you, to ensure an unforgettable honeymoon experience for both of you.

Plenty of restaurant near the beach offers private romantic dinner services especially on the northern side of the island since you can have your dinner with Gili Trawangan signature sunset view as your background.

The Nightlife

Feel the good vibes at Sama Sama Reggae Bar

As soon as you get to Gili Trawangan, you’ll immediately know why it’s called a party island.

The laid-back vibe is widespread across the island. Most people in Gili Trawangan share one common emotion – partying. So leave all worries outside the island and simply party the night away.

We recommended a few places to spend your night having fun with your partner

Jiggy Bar

Swarmed by backpackers almost every night of the week, Jiggy Bar boasts best music and vibes on the island.

As the bar is repeatedly filled to the brim, the festivities will ultimately spill out along the beach as everyone continues to party under the stars.

Despite of it’s popularity, Jiggy Bar abide to unwritten “Gili Trawangan Party Rule”, Jiggy Bar closes at 1 a.m every night of the week, except for Tuesdays which is the bars designated late night.

Sama – Sama Reggae Bar

Sit, dance, relax, repeat.

Located on the northern tip of the Gili Trawangan party road, Sama Sama is the designated live music bar on the island specializing in old-school rock and reggae music.

Open until 3 a.m on Saturday nights, Sama Sama offers the most relaxed and chilled out atmosphere out of any other bar on this list.

Where to Stay at Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is packed with Honeymoon Hotels & Resorts, so picking the right one for you will be a difficult case.

We have the best private villas that’ll ensure you make the most of your honeymoon vacation with inclusive extras that’ll make your honeymoon at Gili Trawangan is an unforgettable experience!

Welcome to Pera ONE Villas, a private hideaway on the exotic island of Gili Trawangan.

We strive to delight you with our carefully designed facilities while our highly trained team will be taking care of your every need with professionalism and a warm smile.

Never worries about snorkelling equipment because we will provide it for you for free throughout your stay.

You also get a personal butler which will help you make your vacation easier like helping you negotiating prices around the island, preparing a surprise for your partner and many more.

Beautiful Pera ONE Villas in GIli Trawangan
For the best honeymoon experiences, stay in Pera ONE Villas. Book directly for the best rate

Lombok’s beautiful sights and fun activities make this destination ideal for honeymooners!

Begin planning your unforgettable honeymoon at the best private villa in Gili Trawangan, book through our website for the best price.

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